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Unlock Your Company’s Potential With These 6 Tech Tools

Perhaps you’ve just launched your own company and now you’re wondering which tools you need to manage your new company efficiently. Or perhaps your business is a few years old, and you’re curious about adopting some new tools to accelerate your workflows. If you’re ready to explore new technology options, we have some tips on what can greatly expand your business’s potential.


E-signature Tool from Acrobat


Business owners should leverage e-signing for contracts to enhance efficiency and convenience in their document management. Adobe Acrobat offers a valuable tool for signing and filling out PDF forms online, eliminating the need for physical printing. When you use this PDF filler, you not only reduce paper usage and related costs but also expedite the contract signing process. By adopting e-signatures, business owners can sign documents with ease from anywhere at any time, simplifying workflows and enabling quicker collaboration with partners and clients. This modern approach not only saves time but also supports environmental sustainability, making it a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.


Project Management Platform


Odds are that your team is working on several different projects at any given time, but you can make things easier on yourself with a project management tool that can help you centralize relevant materials and communications. A cloud-based project management platform is an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. A platform like this includes a wide range of features, including solutions for asset sharing, resource management, employee communication, and task tracking. When you’re able to assess project objectives, projects, and team capacities on one platform with real-time updates, you can delegate tasks to the right employees or contractors and easily manage workloads.


Brand Monitoring Tool


Consistent brand monitoring helps you assess where your business is mentioned online and what people are saying about it. This process isn’t a guessing game; you’ll need specific brand monitoring tools to evaluate your digital presence across different channels. With brand monitoring software, you can find out which platforms and channels people are using to talk about your business. Then you can double-down on marketing across platforms where people are aware of your brand. This helps you allocate your marketing budget wisely!


Customer Service Chatbot


Responding to basic customer service requests can eat up a lot of your team’s time. While a human touch will always be necessary to handle complex questions and technical support issues, chatbots can walk customers through simple issues. Khoros states that if you’ll only need the chatbot to process a few customer support requests per day, a rule-based chatbot might suit your needs, but AI chatbots are a better fit for companies that need assistance with lots of complicated requests.


Human Resources Software


Human resources software is a one-stop shop that supports lots of different processes! If you’re purchasing HR software, you’ll be heavily reliant on it for many important functions and workflows. You should weigh factors like data security, ease of use for your team, and scalability. Furthermore, before you purchase a particular software, make sure that the company provides robust training resources so that you can easily get your team up to speed.


Scheduling System


On a weekly basis, you probably have to attend quite a few meetings with your team, hop on phone calls with contractors or vendors, host one-on-ones to mentor junior staff members, or even participate in video conferencing events. It’s much simpler to manage your calendar with scheduling software! 


Maybe you’ve only been using a spreadsheet to keep track of all of your meetings, or you’ve just been jotting them down with pencil and paper. With scheduling software, people can conveniently schedule meetings with you in line with your set availability, and you’ll both get alerts before the meeting so that you don’t miss it. You won’t have to worry about missing important appointments anymore when you have scheduling software.


Some business processes still need to be handled manually today, but if you can turn to technology to lighten your workload, you can enhance your productivity and revenue! With Acrobat’s e-signature tool as well as project management software, scheduling tools, a human resources platform, and other new programs, you can manage every aspect of your business with ease.


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