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Preparing your business for Post pandemic World
Will you be ready?
While we are being overwhelmed by enormous information on how to “survive” the COVID-19 pandemic, the intelligent among us are turning their attention to how the post-pandemic future will unfold. What will the new world look like, and where will the emerging economic opportunities lie? Though there is no doubt that the human species will defeat this threat that has made us all glued to our TVs and technology, and, in many cases, the world coming together, COVID 19 will one day be in the rear-view mirror. It will leave in more damage than anyone would like to see, “This too shall pass”. What will that post-pandemic world look like, and how can our businesses prepare to take advantage of it? We will address how you as an entrepreneur can deal with this global crisis and what should you do to win. We will see some new ideas and try to think critically about adjusting or creating new business models in this pandemic.  Class is completed in 11 days.

Program Director – Dr. Dennis Hart Globalization Leader for Michigan State University, Distinguished Teaching Awardee from Kent State University, and Who's who among American Teachers.

Program Coach–  Dr. Vijaykumar Gandapudi Professor - Georgia State University & Senior Executive delivers technology solutions for fortune five hundred firms.

Subject Matter Experts:

  1. Dr. Shiv Khera  An Award-winning Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and a much sought-after speaker. His Trademark is "Winners don't do different things, They do things differently"®

  2. Melinda EmmersonSmallBizLady, is America’s #1 Small Business Expert, a thriving entrepreneur for nearly 20 years and is an internationally known keynote speaker.

  3. Dr. Elena P.Antonacopoulou:  Professor of Organizational behavior University of  Liverpool - the UK, She leads the GNOSIS a research Initiative

  4. Dr. Eric Rainey International Award Winning TedX Speaker, Professional Coach & Trainer - London - UK, Institute of Integrative Psychology & Neuro Dynamics

  5. Dr. Kofi Andoh BaidooProfessor of Information Systems, University of Texas - Rio Grande has been awarded a fellowship by the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program

  6. Dr. Young Rae Oum: Professor of Sociology, University of Texas has been awarded Korea Japan fellowship, Pittsburg University

  7. Dr.Griselle Colon Wright: Business Strategy & Growth leader for AT&T, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Verizon Wireless, Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Vizio, American Airlines, etc.

  8. Prof. Ranganathan Krishna Rao: A professional business coach in the corporate world. researching and teaching entrepreneurship under Stanford University - Goldman Sachs.

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