Director of Personal Training

Alloy Personal Training Johns Creek
Job Description
Job Title:  Director of Personal Training, Alloy Personal Training franchise
Company: Alloy Personal Training Johns Creek
About Us: Since 1992, we have helped countless people get into the best shape of their lives. We realize that being fit is about much more than what we see in the mirror – It’s about living life to the fullest. Alloy welcomes people no matter where they are in their fitness journey. We are uniquely focused on helping today’s adults lead more active and healthier lifestyles. We have recently selected highly capable franchisees to take our proven and personalized programs nationwide.

We are seeking a highly motivated and sales-driven leader to take on the role of Director of Personal Training at Alloy Personal Training in Johns Creek, GA.  In our unique business model, the Director of Personal Training will receive a generous base salary PLUS the opportunity for a healthy bonus based on achieving new memberships and maintaining memberships throughout the year.  A high performing Director of Personal Training will add significantly to his/her base salary through achieving top-level sales performance via ramping and growing the membership of the studio, retaining the membership, and controlling operational costs.  We are looking for a Director who has proven he/she can CRUSH it! 

How you'll thrive:
As the Director of Personal Training, you'll spend approximately 15-20 hours per week conducting super small group personal training sessions in our studio based on Alloy’s proven training methodology. You will have initial interaction with all members as the Director is the main point of contact for sales and will have continued interaction with all members, regardless if personally training them or not.  Outside of your actual personal training hours, the remainder of your time will be spent on sales, developing and executing the marketing plan, customer retention, and ensuring part-time trainers are following the Alloy procedures and plays. After one year of employment, you will be eligible to participate in the company retirement plan.  If you are the type to behave and think like an owner, as if it’s YOUR OWN MONEY invested in the business, capable of running the franchisor playbook, able to put in the up-front hard work, willing to partner with the owner, and genuinely care for and enjoy helping people become fitter and healthier, it is highly likely that you will succeed.  Our motto is Looking Good, Feeling Great, and Living Life to Its Fullest.  But those rewards only come to those who are willing to put in the hard work.  This is an opportunity to prove that you can a) start up your own fitness business, b) keep it running efficiently with positive cashflow and high customer retention (97%), and c) make the transition from start-up to ongoing operator and ambassador/steward of an emerging fitness brand. If you are a clock watcher, only want to put it moderate effort, aren’t willing to do heavy lifts from time to time, you probably don’t have an owner’s mentality and this probably isn’t the right role for you.  You will do well in this role if you
-are passionate about fitness
-have minimal ego
-are genuinely motivated to help people
-are amazingly organized
-are willing to run the franchisor provided systems and plays
-are willing to learn new things
-are capable of providing excellent customer service
-are motivated to sell sell sell and even upsell (supplements, branded apparel, increased number of sessions, etc.)
-are good at time management
-can create a team environment among the other trainers
-want to CRUSH KPIs month over month
-are motivated by incentives

What does the Director of Personal Training at Alloy do?
As the Director of Personal Training, your primary objective at Alloy is to create a premier and personal experience for each member that is true to and representative of the Alloy brand.  This includes maximizing new memberships during the pre-sales period, selling out the facility, increasing recurring memberships (handled via electronic funds transfer (EFT)); increasing sales of auxiliary items (e.g., supplements, branded clothing, etc.); and controlling studio expenses.  A successful Director of Personal Training at Alloy will accomplish these objectives while ensuring members receive the highest level of service. The Director’s responsibilities also include overall sales management (e.g., sales during the pre-opening period; monthly sales to ramp to full membership; customer retention; and replacement sales as needed); adherence to budgeted payroll and other operational expenses; appropriate workforce management and scheduling according to company policies and procedures so as to minimize potential liability and maximize employee satisfaction and retention; and ensuring overall pristine studio cleanliness and maintenance.

Director Goals & Responsibilities:
  • Overall sales responsibilities including inside sales, sales at community events, utilization of our lead management system, etc. Must meet KPIs: 25 sales phone calls/day, 4 Starting Point Sessions (SPSs) booked per week, 2 SPSs showed, 150 pieces per physical drop, 10 organic leads generated per person from each community event, plus follow-up calls to leads, securing credit cards to hold special First Month pricing.  Until the studio membership is full, must be highly available on non-training days to speak with prospects and conduct marketing in the community. Keep in mind we are a small niche personal training studio – membership is not in the “hundreds” or “thousands” like big box gyms.
  • Conducts all Starting Point Sessions with members, including InBody analysis, Functional Movement Screen, and behavioral change discussion and goal-setting in an efficient manner. (30-40 min sessions). Uses this information to determine member’s training level and match with specific trainers and/or time slots.
  • Creates member training profiles in Trainerize.
  • Resolves all membership issues related to billing, upselling, terminations, etc. Serves as the main point of contact for any member who wishes to cancel membership. Attempts to resolve and save membership loss.
  • Assists the owner in recruiting interviewing, hiring, and retaining the most qualified staff for the local market
  • Schedules staff according to operational requirements and in compliance with payroll budgets
  • Trains, coaches and supervises the staff in accomplishing daily tasks and maximizing sales, including conducting weekly meetings with staff where studio goals / promotions, new members, customer retention matters, etc. are discussed.
  • Plans in advance for all upcoming member promotions and milestones/recognition.
  • Plans in advance a 3-month Marketing Plan (typically oriented toward developing organic leads via community events, partnering with local businesses complementary to Alloy, exposure on social media channels, etc.).
  • Monitors staff performance to ensure delivery of member services in compliance with the
Alloy brand and company policies and procedures
  • Aligns staff goals and objectives to increase customer and employee satisfaction, improve customer and employee retention, and increase overall membership
  • Meets regularly with the owner, to whom you will report. Runs KPI reports to review at monthly meetings with owner and franchise coach. Adjusts studio operations to deliver on budgeted revenue and profit
  • Conducts weekly equipment and inventory checks.
  • Is the face of the business to the community.
  • Regularly posts about the Alloy Johns Creek business on social media.
  • Is the main contact for incoming phone calls and social media-generated leads
  • Other duties as assigned
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • 3-5 years of management experience and 5+ years of persuasive sales experience to an educated audience for products and services involving high discretionary spend.  Prefer experience in presales from a boutique fitness environment
  • Must hold a Nationally Recognized Personal Training Certification (NASM, ACSM, NSCA, CSCS, ISSA, NCCPT, NCSF, ACE, etc. OR a BA/BS in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or equivalent). Priority will be given to those who have completed Master’s degrees in these fields.
  • Experience working in or managing a stand-alone, high-end boutique fitness club is preferred; this is not a big box gym that has a large staff
  • Leadership and development of a Personal Training team of 2 or more individuals
  • Proven leadership ability in an educational, fitness or professional setting
  • Ability to hire, direct, coach, train, motivate and evaluate staff
  • Excellent communication, time management and organizational skills and attention to safety
  • Proven financial, business and human resource management experience
  • Computer literate, capable of using spreadsheets, able to learn and use franchisor required Customer Relationship Management systems (e.g., MindBody, Trainerize, etc.)
Some evenings and weekends are required, though will taper as full membership is reached. The Director of Personal Training must make efforts to know members who regularly attend Alloy outside of the Director’s own training sessions.
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